Towel Embroidery

I recently had a chance to really dig into the embroidery features on the Janome Skyline S9. I’ve been waiting for a good project and this was definitely it.

These plush towels were large bath size towels but still really easy to work with.

I popped into my local Janome dealer – KTR Sewing – before I began my project and talked to them about which stabilizer to use. I knew I needed something underneath but also a water soluble on top so that my thread didn’t sink into the Terry cloth. Of course, they were super helpful and suggested Sulky Ultra Solvy for underneath and Sulky light (both water soluble) for the top. 

Can I just tell you for a moment how much I LOVE the Janome embroidery apps!?!

Seriously, this could not have been any easier. And I didn’t have to fuss about whether my towels were loaded into the embroidery hoops super straight and even because I could make those adjustments in the app before I pressed start.

And I did do a test run first just to make sure the size worked for the towels and to determine placement.

Each towel took about 20 minutes to complete.

I spent a Sunday doing this and it was fascinating to watch each completed towel come out of the hoop!

I feel like I want to embroider ALL the towels in the house now. LOL!

Do you have an embroidery machine? Have you embroidered towels before? What is your favourite thing to embroider?

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