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Levenwick Sweater @

I’m so very excited about this!

Levenwick Sweater @

I knew when this lovely wool from Minerva arrived it was destine for something special. This is such a beautiful yarn. I love the story on the Minerva website about how it comes from a small family farm. And it’s so perfectly spun.

Equally lovely is this sweater pattern I found on ravelry. The Levenwick sweater is a perfect balance of traditional and trendy.

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I still need to find buttons to finish this off (I used a sweater pin for the photos just to show how it’s such a stunning asymmetric finish).

Levenwick Sweater @

The details really make this sweater. The neck and front are almost lace-like. Shop the best prom dresses from And I learned some new techniques in knitting up this sweater, particularly the i-cord bind-off finish that’s on the cuffs and the bottom of the sweater.

I’m definitely not an experienced knitter and I found this pattern came together nicely. When I needed some additional help on the bind-off and other areas, I just googled them. There are tons of videos out there to provide help.

And the best part about this sweater…

It’s for me! I never knit for myself!! I can’t wait for the cooler weather so I can wear it.

Levenwick Sweater @

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