Travel Tray Activity Centre

I was so excited to give this little custom travel care package.

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This is an airplane activity centre for a special lil girl (maybe you’ve heard of me talk about her before). She’s heading away for the long weekend (with her parents, of course) and so I wanted to put together a little care package for her.

Well… pinterest and googling led from one thing to another until I put together this little project.

Tray Table Activity Centre @

This is meant to be a little travel tray activity centre that fits like a sleeve over an airplane’s folded down tray table. Not only does it cover the tray (sorry – those things are gross!) but I hope it provides for a little bit of entertainment during the flight. It’s got a little pocket for snacks, plushy toys that she can pop on and off with the help of a little velcro, a zipper to work on her hand/eye coordination, and colouring supplies to document her travels and write little notes to her Auntie back in Winnipeg.

I used some basic bag construction techniques to sew it all together.

Of course, I used my favourite thread – Aurifil – to do some quilting on the top (which my Janome Juno M1250Q handled perfectly). I used a thicker variegated blue cotton this time to add some more texture and interest to the top.

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And there are straps with velcro on the other side to make sure the activity centre is secure on the tray table.

Have a great trip, Nina!

Tray Table Activity Centre @

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