Triple Threat Chocolate Cupcakes

We had company over on the weekend and it’s a known fact that chocolate is their favourite. So of course, how could I not oblige.

This is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and a brownie on top – just cuz!

The chocolate cupcake is your basic recipe. One of my favourites is from Martha Stewart

The real start of the show is the Swiss meringue buttercream. There is something about this icing that is just so perfect. It’s buttery. It’s creamy. It’s sweet but not too sweet. I’ve tried sharing this recipe with friends but that point where you add the butter and it curdles but then comes back again always seems to scare people away from it.

I recently saw this recipe from The Purple Cupcake and it is the real deal. Watch the video first to see what to expect when you are making up a batch of this sinfully rich, just give me a spoon, icing!

I love that perfectly white meringue that is the base of this icing.

Next when you add in the butter it becomes creamy and smooth. Sooo good!

I added in a 1/3 cup of melted semisweet chocolate chips at this point to make my chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream. You could also add in dark cocoa powder (but I was out so I improvised).

This was the perfect finish to our meal on Sunday night.

Even this one though so… 

Have you made Swiss Meringue Buttercream? What is your favourite icing recipe? Finally, which camp are you – chocolate or vanilla?

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