Tumble Tees Pattern Test

(Say that 10x fast!)

When Imagine Gnats put out the call for pattern testers the other week, I jumped at the chance! I’ve been holding on to her Roly Poly pattern for a bit now – it’s seriously one adorable pinafore. 

The Tumble Tee/Dress pattern looked like a fun one to try!


And fun it was, indeed! It took me longer to pick out the fabric and cut out the pattern than it did to sew up this cute little dress. Once everything was prepped, it took me maybe 45 minutes to complete.

The pattern is meant for a knit material. I’m loving pinks and greys right now, and found a cute little print with both those colours to tie everything together.

The little girl I have in mind right now will have to grow into this 6 month size.


 IMG_0454 IMG_0458

And the fact that its a knit means you can easily dress it up with a cute little cardi, or dress it down for mucking and playing about in.

The pattern comes with a couple of options – including the tee-shirt option (I’m such a dress girl though, I went straight to that one!), and you could choose to do as little or as much colour blocking as wish.



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