Two at a time? That’s crazy talk!


Two Up Toe Up -

Yes – I felt so great at accomplishing my first EVAH sock project that I had to get going on the next one right away. This time I’ll be doing a proper heel (the last ones were straight tube socks). And I’ve decided to give two-at-a-time a try.

It was recommended that I give the book Two-At-A-Time Socks at try. It was under $10 purchased as a Kindle download and since I’m kinda impatient, that’s how I purchased it. There are some really neat “fancy” socks in the book but I wanted another semi “basic” one to start since toe-up and two-at-a-time is still new to me. I wish there were a few more “basic” sock patterns in this book but maybe it will push me to try something new in the pattern department, too!

If I was less impatient, the book’s instructions may have been more clear to me. I attempted the toe-up cast on in the book but got confused with how you wrap one of the loops. I think still photos can only take me so far when it comes to instructions. Seriously, what did we do before google and youtube?? The book uses Judy’s Magic Cast On so I google that and after a few tries we were on our way.

I’m not sure I’m going to like the heel for these socks. It seems chunky?? Has anyone else tried this book? I have a lot of knitting to do before I get there so I’m not going to worry about it right now.

Tammy's Yarn -

I’m also excited about this project because I’m using some locally dyed yarn from a friend. My dog show friend Tammy is an experienced knitter and spinner and now a dyer! I’ve been watching her Facebook posts and drooling over her yarn projects. I saw one that she recently did that had all my favourite colours in there and asked her to name her price. I am not disappointed in this yarn. It’s been really great to work with.

I don’t understand why I waited so long to venture into the world of sock knitting. I am so smitten (I have a few orders of different indie yarns expected to be delivered in the coming days). Hold me back!

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