Urban Fruit Myth

Funny how some things just come together for a reason.

Nanking Cherries

Yesterday I was walking through a park near my house on the way home from work and I saw this fruit tree. It definitely caught my attention, and reminded me of a tree I used to steal berries from as a kid – but yesterday, I kept walking and went on my way.

Then this morning on Facebook, I see a post from local fruit guru Getty Stewart. She posted a photo of the same fruit tree asking if people knew where to find some of these that weren’t being used that they could let her know and they definitely wouldn’t go to waste!

These are apparently Nanking Cherries. According to the fruitshare.ca website, “These delicious berries are often overlooked, but are excellent urban fruit for jellies, juice, syrups, and more.”

Getty really knows her stuff! I met her through some local foodbloggers events. She has a new book out Prairie Fruit Cookbook which is a great resource and covers off all the usual fruits and some of the fruits that don’t get as much love, like crab apples, chokecherries, and saskatoons. It’s inspiring! I mean, com’on! She had me out picking Nanking Cherries off a tree in the park!

I picked 8 cups of cherries in total (and have promised to disclose my secret location to Getty since there are still plenty more to be had). I used up half of them with the recipe on the Manitoba Fruit Share website for Cherry Liqueur. It’s pretty easy to make – it’s just the waiting part that’s hard.

Is it ready yet?

The full recipe can be found here. But it’s pretty easy with just three simple ingredient.


Now I just have to stir this up for the next two weeks. And then strain (and eat the cherries) and let it sit in a dark place for another three months.

Can’t wait till this is ready!

And I still have four cups of the cherries left to use. Hmmm… what should I make next?

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2 thoughts on “Urban Fruit Myth

  1. Natashalh

    Huh – I had no idea these little guys were edible! I’ve seen them in the past and I love picking wild foods (that I can safely identify!), so I’ll have to keep an eye out for them in the future.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Natasha – I had no idea really either! Not until my local fruit guru pointed me in the right direction. Her website and her book have TONS of resources.

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