Warm and Woolly

Basset Hound Sweater

I’m not sure what the weather is like in your parts but here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, winter has definitely arrived. That means we are thinking of extra layers to bundle up, toasty warm fireplaces and staying out of the chill.

That’s why for my November Minerva project I decided to work on a warm and woolly sweater project! I love the yarn I chose for this project. It’s such a cozy natural yarn, and it’s a bit of a chunkier ply. This is a beautiful teal, a colour I don’t traditionally go for but it really caught my eye.

Basset Hound Sweater

For knitting needles, this time around I tried out a pair of KnitPro Symfonie circular needles. Circular needles work well because the majority of the sweater is knitted in the round. And I love the feel of these needles and the flexibility of the cable.

This sweater isn’t for me though. It’s for my sweet ten-and-a-half year old basset, Buster. Buster isn’t a fan of the cold, either. I thought maybe having a sweater to keep him cozy and protect his back from getting a chill might come in handy.

Bassets have a bit of an usual shape. They carry 2/3rds of their weight on their front legs and chest which means patterns have to accommodate that. I took my inspiration from this pattern. It took me two tries to modify the pattern just right but I’m really happy with the final outcome.

I added extra rows between the neck cuff and the front paws, an extra 15 rows. This is definitely one place where most patterns fall short for bassets. I like that in adding the extra rows this almost makes it “turtleneck” like for Buster. He looks so debonair!

And then, of course, there were many extra rows added after the front legs so that it didn’t end up being a halter top. I added 30 extra rows to accommodate this. As you can see, Buster was super helpful when I needed to measure the sweater against his proportions.

Basset Hound Sweater

This pattern was really easy to follow and is good for an intermediate beginner. It probably took me about 8 hours to complete – mostly because of the size that I needed to make to accommodate Buster. I will definitely be making another one of these, Buster’s brother Baxter is feeling a little left out!

Basset Hound SweaterDoesn’t he look excited about his new sweater?


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