When is it time for a pattern intervention?

I {heart} this dress pattern.

Do you have one of these in your collection? A go-to pattern (or maybe a go-to recipe)? One that NEVER fails… NEVER lets you down.

You can experiment with it using all kinds of patterns and textures but It. Just. Works. Always.

That’s how I feel about Made-By-Rae‘s Geranium Dress.

It’s perfect in its elegant simplicity. It can be hip. It can be modern. It can be soft. It can be practical.

It’s my go-to dress pattern right now. And I should know. I’ve made more than a handful.

These are the latest two I worked on this weekend.

First up was this burgundy, yellow and grey Dewberry fabric. So pretty and modern.


I used grey buttons to accent the grey in the fabric.


My favourite part of these dresses is that I’ve learned how to use the 1/4 inch hemming foot for my machine and it makes the most delicate hem which is PERFECT for these little dresses.


So adorable!


And then yesterday I found this really soft and summer light lavender material at my local Economy Textile store.


And in my stash I came across these purple buttons with a similar whimsical finish to them.


And more work on the 1/4 inch hemming foot.



The pattern is practically perfect. I’ve made one small change to shorten the dress – it’s now somewhere between the “top” and the “dress” length that the pattern calls for. I know a certain little four month old that likes to show off her legs (well, mostly her tights).

Do you have a pattern that you return to time and time again? I’d love to hear about it! I could use a new pattern to obsess over!

11 thoughts on “When is it time for a pattern intervention?

  1. Ros

    Such a great pattern – I’ve made 4 versions so far! Love it. I’ve also used the Tie Dye Diva fair & Square Dress quite a few times for my girls. A cross over pinafore is a handy one to keep in rotation – I’m using it again this week to make a Nurses Costume as requested by my 4yo!

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