Why do you sew?

What motivates you to sew?

I’m over on the Janome Life blog today talking about this and sharing some more photos from my recent sewing project – an ADORABLE little tunic top for my Elliana. This top is going to be the new Geranium Dress. If you don’t know what that is, go into the search feature on my blog (top right-hand corner) and do a quick search for it. I’ve made that pattern over a dozen times and blogged about it at least half as many times as that!

This Wiksten top is adorbs. 

I’ll share some photos of Elliana wearing her new top in some upcoming posts. Any other bloggers dealing with decreasing daylight issues now that we are heading towards the shortest day of the year? 

This pattern has so much potential though, and is so easy to custom. 

Do you have any patterns that you’ve made over and over and over again?

What fabric would you use with a pattern such as this?

What sewing projects are you working on right now?

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