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The desire to make things yourself, when at all possible, is a deep, deep rabbit hole. LOL.

Many years ago I would have considered knitting to be the point where I would be “making something myself.”

Then I learned that I could buy roving and fibre, and spin my own yarn for knitting. (This is some 2-ply Jacob fibre that I spun into sock weight yarn.)

2ply Jacob wool @ willcookforshoes.ca

And just recently I decided that wasn’t enough of a do-it-yourself project for me and I have begun experimenting with raw fleeces – which need to be washed and then carded or combed.

Playing with textures and beautiful fibres has become a bit of an addiction.

After much research, I recently purchased a set of wool combs. I decided to go with a set of extra fine combs from Valkyrie. They are going to be good for medium and fine fibres and because they are two-pitch, I can use them on long and shorter staple lengths.

lace frontal

I have a carder (the kind with a crank). And was recently gifted a set of hand carders. But I love worsted wool. Smooth worsted wool. Which you can only truly get with combing. I spent quite a bit of time going over tutorials and youtube videos and knew I had to give combing a try.

I’m hooked.

The combing results in fibre that is so soft. And so lovely. Like a little fluffy kitten. (Too much?)

Over the last week or so I transformed some raw Blue Faced Leicester fleece into the fluffiest clouds of fibre I have ever experienced. I can’t wait to spin with this.

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I worry raising my own sheep might not be that far off in my future plans. 🙂

How far do you go with “making things yourself?”

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