Yarn Snob

Yup – that’s me. I admit it. I’m a yarn snob.

I’ve always admired knitting and yarn work. For years when I was younger, my Grandma tried to get me to try various knitting projects. I had tension issues and never quite caught on; or more so, I was easily discouraged when it didn’t come out as planned.

Fast forward to last Christmas. A very good friend was expecting her first baby and I felt the urge to give knitting a try again in the hopes of perhaps creating some passable baby gifts. But this time I came across some extra motivation… pretty yarn!

OMG – how has yarn changed since the days when my Grandma tried to teach me to knit!

In just over 8 months, I’ve become a super yarn snob. I know there are many out there who’s yarn stashes would easily put mine to shame. But the addiction has been fuelled!

Yesterday I came home to this:





That’s right. I signed up for the Plucky Knitter Classics. Every second month I get a skein of worsted weight in a surprise colour. Not only is the yarn beautiful but I get these amazing colours that I wouldn’t normally get.

I haven’t decided  what to do with this little pretty yet. But I’m sure the perfect project will come about soon. What kind of projects do you do when you have just one skein?

And then… when I was in Ottawa this past week… I stumbled into this pretty store – Yarns Etc. It was literally 2 minutes from where we were meeting for work. They have a table in the middle of the store with all their local yarns. I tried to resist but I couldn’t not buy a skein of Turtlepurl Yarn. But the good news is – it’s pushed me to try once again my hand at knitting socks. I LOVE a good pair of socks and have been wanting to try knitting a pair for forever! But again, this tension issue surfaced (anyone have any tips for me on this??).

Armed with my new yarn, and a pair of Chiaogoo Red Lace size US 1 – I forced myself to hang in there past the first few rows (which I find are the hardest) and I think I’m well on my way to my first pair of knitted socks. What do you think?





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4 thoughts on “Yarn Snob

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Nikki! I’m loving this colour too. I can’t wait to see how how the finished piece looks. Are you a sock knitter?

  1. Laura

    I only knit socks on dpns, but I haven’t been doing much lately. I have trouble keeping one eye on the puppy and one on the knitting! Your tension looks ok…do you think it is too loose, or are you having trouble with ladders?

    1. admin Post author

      How is that little puppy of yours???? I. Need. Photos!!!!

      I think the tension issues are varied. I’ve tried with DPNs but I think that makes it worse for me. The tension is too tight to start for sure. And then just not being able to keep it from twisting – I kinda just luck out or I don’t. And, I over compensated for tight tension at the beginning of this one. I hope when I block it all evens out. And I’m not even sure what ladders are at this point. 🙂

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