A New Hobby

Felted Basset Hound @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

This month for my Minerva Blog post, I wanted to try something a little different – a craft I’ve never tried before.

I chose this bundle to make up a kinda starter felting kit. It really has everything I needed: wool roving, felting needles, and a felting pad or foam.

Felted Basset Hound @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

A while back I also purchased this book.

felt dogs

Being a dog lover I couldn’t resist this book (even though there’s no basset in this series). There are also a lot of great tutorials online.

This is dry felting (as opposed to wet felting) and uses a needle to push down and compact the wool fibre. You have to make sure you use natural fibre, and nothing that’s been made into super wash. What I like about this little pen-style felting needle is you can use it as one, two or three needles at a time. Using three needles at a time helps your project progress a little faster. When I got down to the real detail work, I would take out one of the needles and use it on it’s own (particularly for the detail around the eyes and jowls).

Felted Basset Hound @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

There are so many possibilities with felting. I think I have found myself a new hobby!

This puppy took about 3-4 hours to create. But this is the first time I’ve tried needle felting so I could see becoming a little faster over time.

I started with the body and paws which took about half the time. And then worked on the head and spent a lot of time on the ears. I was pretty happy I only managed to stab myself just a few times (those needles are sharp – work on a foam piece and try to resist the urge to pick up your project and hold it at the start!).

Here I’m working on the ear. You take off a section of the fibre and work on it with the felting needle till it compacts the fibre into the desired shape.

Felted Basset Hound @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

I can see myself making more bassets, trying to make some other breeds, and also getting into wet felting (I think some slippers are in order).

Felted Basset Hound @ www.willcookforshoes.caI just can’t get over how adorable this turned out!


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