A proud Momma…

If you are a regular reader here… you’ll know how much I love these two goofs:


This last weekend we were at the Crocus Dog Show and they did me proud.

Buster – my older basset – received a group 3rd placement on Saturday afternoon. This makes him the number three basset hound in Canada right now!

Baxter – the “puppeh” – received his Canine Good Neighbour title. This was a hard one for him. There are 12 separate pieces to the test and in order to receive the title you have to pass all of them. The hardest for Baxter is the second last one –

TEST 11 – Supervised Isolation
This test demonstrates the dog’s ability to be left alone with a person
other than its handler, while maintaining a calm acceptance of the
situation. The handler asks another person to hold the dog and tells
the dog to stay. The handler goes to a pre-designated location, out
of sight of the dog and waits 3 minutes until called to return by the
assistant evaluator. The dog should not show excessive stress by
pulling on the lead, or exhibit excessive panting, barking or whining.

Now Baxter is by no means stressed at me leaving (in fact, he hardly notices) but he tends to like to.. ahem… introduce himself to the person left alone in the ring with him. The first time we tried for this title I came back into the ring after three minutes and there was Baxter, sitting nicely…. with his leash wrapped around his legs and torso and other parts of his body (because he had been up “visiting” and jumping on the other person and got himself tangled up in his leash). I have a great instructor though and knowing this was an issue, we addressed it directly. It wasn’t perfect but it was enough to pass!!

I’m a proud Momma!

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