A Special Birthday

We celebrated a special birthday yesterday! This sweet basset hound, Buster, turned 15!!!!  He is my first basset (and my first dog). He has been with me through many life changes over the year and taking it all in stride. At 15, the last few years haven’t been the easiest for him but he still bosses us around and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Matt brought home a special steak for him yesterday and he got to enjoy it all by himself. Love you bubba-lou!

I’ve been working on a few sewing projects lately. This one was a quick jumper for Elliana. I made it in a size 2T but it was a bit long to wear it out to a junior handling event that we had on Sunday afternoon. But I’m sure she will grow into it   in no time. Having a little extra time means that I can further refine this project. I’m going to remove the pockets and add some detail to them… stay tuned for an update! (And send me further ideas!)

black prom dress

And finally, I made it out to a local fibre and fabric event on the weekend. This was held just outside of Winnipeg with vendors from around the area. It was soooo hard to not go overboard. In the end I picked up some fabric fat quarters from a shop located in Beausejour that had a booth. I’ve been meaning to get out to that shop for a while and this was my way of supporting their efforts. And the fabric had unicorns on it – so it was meant to be. Can’t wait to share what I’m making with that.

What craft projects have you been up to lately? Do you find yourself wanting to me more crafty or less crafty as the warm weather starts to be more frequent?

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