A very Paw Patrol birthday

Somehow I have a three year old!?! How has that even happened. It is so hard to believe it was three years ago today that I was holding her for the first time in my arms. 

While COVID restrictions here in our province meant no traditional birthday party, we did our best to make it a special day for her. At one point she said to me, “Momma – it’s my birthday!” To which I replied, “it sure is sweetie, are you having a fun day?” Her response brought tears to my eyes and made me smile, “Yes, it’s AMAZING!!!” 

Goes to show you all these restrictions are what we make of it. 

Of course I had to make her birthday cake. It’s a tradition my Mom always did with us and I am more than happy to oblige for Elliana. (Yes – this is my Mom with me at my second birthday.)

Paw Patrols are everything so it was a homemade Paw Patrol cake (to the rescue!). 

I make the cake using a new recipe from Jenna Rae’s new cookbook. I made their vanilla sprinkle recipe and it was a hit.

I saw a tutorial on how to make the Paw Patrol badge all out of fondant and so I was all in!

It ended up being a two evening production. But it was worth it to see Elliana’s reaction. I traced out all the individual pieces in fondant. 

As the pieces dried, I was able to start assembly. I always think making cakes is such an interesting process. There’s always a part in the whole production where I wonder whether it’s all going to come together, and then you seem you turn a corner and you can see your vision. 

Why two logos you wonder? Well, since we couldn’t have a traditional birthday party, we planned a virtual pizza party with Elliana’s favourite cousins. Of course we couldn’t have cake for us and not have cake for them… so I made two cakes and dropped one off early!

That fondant logo was a heavy one! I had to jimmy a few sticks to prop it up while the buttercream set up. Once that happened it was completely fine. 

And with the final embellishments. 



I’d say it was a real hit! 

Have you had to change birthday plans this year because of covid restrictions? How did you manage? And do you make your own birthday cake? What’s your go to recipe?

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