Achieving Goals

While I normally fill the pages of this blog with pretty fabrics, irresistible  yarn, yummy baking and a few basset photos here and there… yesterday I achieved something and I can’t help but share.


Back in January of this year, I was in a meeting with my nutritionist. For over a month we had been talking about eating habits (and more specifically, how I could develop *better* eating habits). Near the end of our session, she said it was time to introduce some exercise goals.

“You’re a goal oriented person,” she said to me. “You need to set a goal. Perhaps you should commit to running a marathon this year.”

To which I laughed… and laughed…

And she didn’t think she was really being that funny.

I left the appointment and thought about what she had to say. Eventually I had to admit, she was certainly right –  I do respond well to goals. And while a marathon seemed a bit beyond my reach, I pretty much decided then and there that I would set the goal of running a HALF marathon… before my birthday this year.

In February, my very good friend and I signed up for a Running Room “Learn to Run” program and the rest, as they say, is history!


Yesterday, as I crossed the finish line with a time of 2hr 49min, I became a half marathon runner!! I still kinda can’t believe it. I had such a great race – slow but steady. And while I’m a bit stiff today, I’m feeling so good that I’m already planning on when to run the next!


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