Aeroplane Bag

Aeroplane Bag
I’ve been dying to make this bag for a while now. This pattern was launched over a year ago so I feel pretty late to the game but I’m so glad I finally sat down and made myself an Aeroplane Bag. I’ve loved the look of this bag since Sara Larson of Sew Sweetness first released the pattern.

Minerva fabrics had the perfect fabric and zippers for this project. I have been coveting this line for a while and have even used it previously. There is just something about the colour collaboration among these fabrics… and its got lots of purple – my fav!

Paisley PleaseI don’t know why but I really made this bag out to be harder than it needed to be. It’s been a while that I’ve done a bag project and truly this is a very straightforward pattern. I’m pretty sure the difficultly was all in my head and the next time I tackle this (yes, there will be another Aeroplan bag), I’ll be more prepared. 

I love the wide zipper opening on this bag. 

Aeroplan Bag 2015-01-29_0001There’s also an interior zipper on this project. The pattern allows for one on each side of the interior fabric. 

With its wide base, interior pocket and large storage interior, I know this bag will get lots and lots of use. For now I’m thinking I’ll use it as a gym bag. Who wouldn’t want to head off to the gym with a smile with this cheery bag!

Aeroplan Bag


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  1. Rae

    Wow, just saw this on the author, Sara’s, site. I was blown away when I saw that the longer bag holds her sewing machine easily. A great bag! Thanks for sharing!
    Rae (

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