And the bride wore purple shoes…

Lately I’ve spent some “spare time” (if there is such a thing) seeking out great photographers. This started as a project for a photography class I’m taking right now and its morphed into a way to combine several passions of mine. A love of photograph can sometimes lead to a new cake decorating finds and in the case of today’s great photographer, it also led to finding some super snazzy shoes. 

Through a twitter post I came across Stephen Goslin Photography. I love the framing the photographer here uses. The colours are so crisp, and in the case of one particular picture (where the bride and groom are dancing) the emotion than emanated from the photo actually made me a little teary. This link features an amazing cake from Charm City Cakes (Duff and his team are insanely creative)… and then this beauty of a picture…


**Photo from Stephen Goslin Photography Blog.


Yup. These shoes had me at hello.

Who are your favourite photographers?

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