Annual Croissant Day


Some people call it New Year’s Day but in this household January 1 marks our annual Croissant Day! A day of butter and flour and all kinds of flakey goodness.

January 1, 2017 marked the 5th Annual Croissant Day! We’ve learned a lot over the years. Particularly:

  1. Always put your croissants on cookie sheet that has a ridge/lip on it or you will start an oven fire. This is a true story and a lesson from our very first Croissant Day back on January 1, 2013 when butter oozed from our croissants while we were baking them and ignited on fire at the bottom of the oven. Don’t worry – we saved the croissants that year! 
  2. Don’t use homemade butter for your precious croissants. It sounds like it would be a match made in homemade heaven but the water content in homemade butter is different than store-bought and it doesn’t result in the same lovely layers of flakey croissants (putting all that hard work – both of making butter and the croissants) to shame.

Croissant Day is an all day affair. Dough is made the night before so it can rest. The laminating process, rolling the butter between the dough to result in 81 layers, starts just after 8 a.m. (which means we generally are not out late on New Years Eve). Croissants are usually ready for tasting around 4 p.m. -ish.

Chocolate croissants are always a must have. But after trialling a Ham and Swiss version last year we introduced them fully into this year’s line-up. I think they might be one of my favs.


This year we also tried a new salted caramel and chocolate version. I think those might be a new hit, as well.

If you are interested in making your own croissants, fresh homemade is so much better than any croissants you can purchase. My go-to recipe for croissants is from Peter Rheinhart’s book Artisan Bread Every Day.

This morning I had to ship off the remaining croissants with my husband to take in to his work office as I need to be back to my strict gluten-free diet. Yes, I do cheat every once in a while if it’s really worth it (trust me, these croissants are totally worth it). But I’m feeling it now and suitably reminded myself that a gluten-filled diet results in headaches, fogginess and red hives.

How did you enjoy Croissant Day, I mean New Year’s Day? Are you back to work this week? Did you get to spend time with family and friends over the holidays and enjoy in any traditions?

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