Birthday Celebrations

A bit delayed in posted this but excited to share these nonetheless. I can’t believe Elliana is two. A full-on toddler. And such a joy. 

As you can tell by these pics, one of her favourite things right now is the Wiggles. She loves to sing along and do all the moves. I suppose there are worst things to be in to right now – the Wiggles are no where near as mind-numbing as things like the Barney, I love you song. Sorry for the ear worm.


This cake involved a lot of candy. I feel like I bought out the Bulk Barn. 

We had a small family dinner out at a local restaurant where we know all the kids can find something on the menu and even the staff there wanted a piece of this cake. Or maybe some of the candy.

Following my Mom’s tradition, Elliana didn’t get to see her birthday cake till it was brought out and we were all singing to her. I think she was really excited and surprised (by all the candy – and the Wiggles reference, of course). 

This was absolutely a thrill for me. 

What have you been baking recently?

Do you make birthday cakes for your family members? 

What’s worse – Barney or the Wiggles?

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