Cake release

Is prepping a cake pan the bane of your baking experience?  Spray commercial products are full of chemicals. And, for me, the grease and flour method often ends with my entire kitchen lightly frosted.

I was introduced to cake release many, many years ago. I’ve used several store-bought products (Wilton’s has one) until I realized you can make this quite easily at home. This is definitely a go-to, no-fail product in my baking regime. 

Look at the clean edges on a recent cake!




Cake Release

1 part flour (use rice flour for those with gluten allergies)
1 part shortening
3/4 part oil

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl using a wooden spoon.  




You’ll want to adjust the consistency to something that can be spread with a pastry brush. I prefer mind a little thicker. 




Cover your pans generously with a full coat of cake release. 




Fill with cake batter and bake as you normally would. Voila!

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