Christmas Baking Made Easy

Holiday Baking

Whether you enjoy Christmas baking or it’s a chore you dread, I’ve discovered an enjoyable and efficient way to get it done quickly, easily and with a lot of fun!

For the last decade, give or take a year’s hiatus, I’ve been hosting a Christmas cookie exchange. It’s been a blast but this December’s work travel means it’s just not possible this year. When I received an invite from Canola Eat Well for Life to attend their cookie exchange with a twist, I jumped at the chance! Not only would we be baking all our Christmas cookies in one evening but we would do it under the direction of Chef MJ Feeke.

Baking with Canola Growers

Paired into groups of four, we baked eight different kinds of Christmas cookies.

Chef MJ gave us baking tips along the way. I learned that you can buy a stable jam for thumbprint cookies. This way when you fill them before you bake, the jam doesn’t bubble over and get all messy. 

At the end of the night we each got to take home one dozen of each of the eight different types of cookies.

Canola Connect Cookie Exchange

 Some of the recipes from our baking extravaganza can be found on the Canola Eat Well website, such as the White Chocolate Thumbprint cookies, the Chocolate Orange Shortbread and the Chocolate Mint Crinkle Cookies.

My favourite were the Red Velvet Rosettes with Cream Cheese Icing. For the record, I put everything into the freeze when I came home so as not to tempt me to eat them all before Christmas!

I’ll still probably bake a few more cookies this year; such as my signature Brandied Egg Nog Cookies. But I’m so pleased that almost all my holiday baking is officially done!

Have you done any Christmas baking this year? Do you tend do a lot of Christmas baking? What is your one must-have baking item during the Christmas season? 

4 thoughts on “Christmas Baking Made Easy

  1. Rhonda Lorch

    Christmas isn’t Christmas around here without iced sugar cookies and gingerbread men. And for me, I always bake a batch of gluten free Peppermint Snowcaps. Even those without celiac disease seem to love them.

  2. jenniferdyck

    Awe, look at you baking your heart out! Great post and delicious cookies. I still need to make my Grandma’s whipped shortbread cookies and maybe some butter tarts. If you have extra brandied egg nog…I’ll be over!

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