Croissant Day

It’s become an annual tradition to make croissants on New Year’s Day! The first Croissant Days were developed after a desire to recreate a certain croissant experience had in New York City – a little coffee, a little pain au chocolate! 

I can taste that lil Dean & Deluca’s pain au chocolate and coffee like it was yesterday!

My go-to recipe for croissants comes from Peter Reinhart’s book Artisan Bread Everyday. It’s been a staple recipe and every year I make it I feel like I learn something new. Like the time I set the oven on fire because I didn’t use a rimmed baking pan and the butter melted out on to the oven element. Or the year we tried to use home-made butter thinking we were going next level but in fact it had a different water content that affected the croissants in a less than ideal manner!

Let me tell you – butter is everything in this recipe.

I had my expert baking assistant with me this year. She’s a pro and takes baking very serious.

Also – croissant making is hard work! 

We made both chocolate and Swiss cheese and ham versions. I have become very partial to a savoury croissant over the years. 


Regardless of what kind you make, nothing beats seeing that flaky goodness!

Have you made croissants? What is your favourite recipe that’s become an annual tradition? 



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