Flower Child Basset Hound Mini Quilt


Basset Hound CollageThis project really pushed me out of my comfort zone. 

I first noticed a technique similar to this on Leslie’s blog. She started with a pattern she purchased from Laura Heine here

There was something about this technique that instantly intrigued me. Which I find so odd because I am such an A-type personality that loves knowing exactly how to do something and favours clean and simple, modern lines. Also, this project pushed my boundaries of patience. I periodically had to step back and just let my project “sit” so that I could think about what I liked and what I didn’t like, why something worked or didn’t work.

Overall, I absolutely LOVED this whole process and the finished result.

I started with an outline of a basset hound profile. Then you cut out tons and tons and tons of flowers and other interesting pieces that have been applied to lightweight double-sided interfacing. 

2015-03-30_0001You can see how the process evolved as I worked on it and just let the design come together. I realized pretty early on that there needs to be a clear colour definition among the different features. And it was Leslie that pointed out that the addition on a half flower might might the eyes look more droopy (one of my favourite features!). 

Once I was ready, I tried out a number of different colour backgrounds. I didn’t want anything that competed too much with the overall design and black Moda fabric seemed to bring out the nose and pouty mouth of my basset. It also allowed me the opportunity to play with some free motion quilting.

Flower Child Basset Hound Mini QuiltAnother fun part of this project was the quilting. I got to dig through all my Aurifil and pick out complementary colours. (Looks like I need some more 2024 white 50w soon!!)

There were so many quilting options I could have gone with and probably no wrong answer. I really wanted my basset to pop so I just quilted an outline around the key features of the basset and then did my major free motion work on the background.

I’m so excited with how this turned it. Maybe it’s the detail that makes it such a interesting piece to look at. A friend even asked if I would consider putting it in an upcoming quilt show at the end of April. I’ll be interested to see what kind of comments I get back on it.

Flower Child Basset Hound

What new quilting/sewing techniques have you tried that really pushed and challenged you?

7 thoughts on “Flower Child Basset Hound Mini Quilt

  1. Brenda

    Lovely! It looks like a fun techique to do, other than the fusing and fussy cutting. I think that espresso brown really sets off the dog and your feathers look great. Good for you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I was so inspired by your feathers that I quilted a set of placemats with fm designs on Saturday.

  2. Ruth

    Love it. I made a basset wall hanging ticker tape style but I lover the way you’ve overlapped and layered so many colours. The black was a great background choice.

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