Happy Fluevog Day!


I don’t think I could properly consider myself a shoe-girl if I didn’t acknowledge that today is International Fluevog Day!

My love for these shoes is a long-term commitment. I had admired them at afar (we don’t have a Fluevog store here in my city) but when I friend told me about a little shop just outside of the city-limits that carried these beauties, we had to make the trek to see them in person.

The day I opened the door to Eveline Street shop and saw this…


…yeah, I knew I was in for it for good from this point on. And the store owner, Huddad, is about as fabulous as you can ever imagine.

Fluevogs may be a little on the $$ side but they will last you for-ev-er! And they are comfortable from the moment you put them on. Seriously. For real. I’ve ran through airports all over the world in these shoes. My feet are more comfortable wearing them than they are when you take them off. Yup – the are that good!

In honour of International Fluevog Day, I’m wearing the first pair of Fluevogs I ever purchased (and the ones I got from Huddad – you can see them on the above photo).

Red Dress Red Shoes

PS – This is not a paid endorsement (although I kinda wish it was!). I just love Fluevogs that much and feel I have to share this love with the world.

4 thoughts on “Happy Fluevog Day!

  1. trinagallop

    Yay Laura!! What shoes did you get? I took advantage of free shipping yesterday and bought a new pair… for a very special occasion a little later on in the year. 🙂

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