Janome Skyline S5 Review

Skyline S5 ReviewIt was a few months back when to my surprise I opened an email asking if I would be interested in being part of Janome Canada‘s on-loan program and in particular trying out the new Janome Skyline S5.

Well, I couldn’t have said yes fast enough! As I try to continue to further my sewing skills, I’ve learned so much about having the right machine for the right project.

The Janome Skyline S5 is a relatively new addition to the Janome line-up of sewing machines. It has a TON of features (check out the brochure here) but is considered to be moderately priced. Even though I’ve been using the S5 for a few months now, there’s still so much that I’ve been yet to try and experiment with. 

I’ve had a ton of fun trying out many, many different projects with the Skyline S5. Everything from apparel to home decor, to mini, wall and full size quilts.

S5 projects

One thing I noticed right away was throat space on the S5. As I work more on my free motion quilting skills and am quilting full size quilts (twin, double and queen), throat space  – the space between the needle and the neck of the machine – becomes a valued commodity for me. The working space on the S5 has been awesome. I can easily roll up a larger quilt and manoeuvre it through the throat space.

S5 Review

I also really like the bright LED lights on this machine. I’m one of those people that if you come over to my house you will find all the lights on (in whatever room I’m in), much to my husband’s dismay. He’s always asking if he can turn lights off but I find it hard to see what I’m doing without proper lighting. The six LED lights on the S5 really help me see what I’m working on.

Skyline S5 Review

For a while I resisted using the knee-lift. I’m often working on my kitchen table and it’s not at quite the right height, so I think that was part of it. And I didn’t think I really needed it. Then I got to piecing a Half Square Triangle (HST) quilt and thought I would give it a go. Whoa. Game changer. When you are zipping through HSTs, make that 200 HSTs, every few seconds you can save on each piece really adds up. 

There are so many features on this machine that take it to a new level.

Needle Threader

The one-hand needle threader, automatic thread cutter, and memorized needle-up/needle-down features make me spoiled for my other machines. Janome Buttons

This machine does 1,000 stitches per minute. If you do a lot of machine quilting, even just straight stitching, you will love this (and of course, there is a stitch regulator if you happen to be like me and are a little heavy on the pedal!).

One of my favourite features is the automatic thread tension.

Tension ButtonI think to think of it as a set-it and forget-it. You can take it off and use it manually but for almost all my sewing, I love that I can put it on this setting and obtain perfect tension every time. 

S5 StitchesAnd this review would be remiss if I didn’t mention ALL the stitches available on the Janome Skyline S5. When I first saw the brochure for this machine, this is what caught my attention. I loved that there were four alphabets! I’ve barely even touched the surface of these stitches but I’m determined to work my way through them. Several friends have suggested putting together a stitch sampler and keeping it as a reference guide for future projects. 

I just can’t say enough about this machine. I’ve been a life-long Janome user. My Mom introduced me to my first Janome. When I started sewing again in my adult years, it was her machine that I borrowed – a mechanical version with just a few stitches – but I loved how reliable, sturdy and accurate it was. 

Several of my friends have since purchased this machine and I’m hearing great things from them as well! What sewing machine are you using right now? What is your dream sewing machine?

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      Hi Barb,

      I believe this is considered to be a mid-range machine. Not sure where you are (physical location) so I don’t want to comment on pricing and be wrong. Your local Janome dealers will be able to comment on pricing for you. It’s a good very price point for a sewist/quilter that using their machine several times a month (or more!!).

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