My Grandma Sharp instilled in me a love for knitting. She used to knit all kinds of things for us as a child. In fact, I still have one of the sweaters she made me. She used to try to teach me to knit but I could never get the hang of it – I had tension issues. Over the years I’ve occasionally come back to knitting but only for a scarf or some other quick gift.

Fast forward to last Christmas when something motivated me to push myself in a new direction. I was determine to make something that required more than a basic knit stitch (that’s right – I didn’t even know what a purl stitch was). Thank goodness for google. I’ve moved further ahead and taught myself how to read patterns and even gotten into more complicated stitches (SSK?? whoa!).

Knitting has gotten a boost since the days Grandma Sharp was casting on a new project. Having found new yarns and needles, I consider myself to be full on obsessed with knitting these days.

Here are a few of my recent projects:

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  1. Norma Asmundson

    I find that knitting relaxes me after a day at work. I really enjoy knitting things for babies and toddlers. Perfect timing this year to welcome my new grand son.

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