I really shouldn’t entertain the idea of a new hobby. It’s never just a curiosity – I’m always ALL IN! These leather “leads” as they are called (leashes used for showing a dog on at a dog show) is my latest obsession.

You’ll see these at dog shows, often with a lot of bling. And usually for sale for a pretty penny.

For years I’ve been curious about trying my hand at a round braid. It’s all part of my, “hey – I can do that, mentality.” 

I recently purchased some kangaroo leather lace from a Canadian supplier. Of course, “do-it-yourself” doesn’t mean I’m able to do it any cheaper sometimes, but there’s the satisfaction of being able to do it myself and customize it to my own specifications (I’m not a huge fan of a lot of bling on my show leads). 

One Saturday afternoon, I sat down with some youtube tutorials determined to figure it out. After several attempts and having to unbraid a few times, I finally figured it out! It’s not too bad once you figure out the rhythm. 

I also received some great tips from a friend on how to finish off my lead. I’m always so grateful when someone is willing to share their knowledge (rather than hoard it). 

Of course… I’ve already completed a second teal leather lead and quite quickly finding myself getting deep into this new rabbit hole of crafting! 

What crafting techniques have you been wanting to try lately?

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