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Yes, I realize it’s the first of April but I just got my March #moderninstabee2014 block done and in the mail!

I’ve been sick and down with a cold/flu for almost a week now but I managed to prop myself up in front of my sewing machine long enough this weekend to work on this block.

I’m participating in the #moderninstabee2014 this year. If you are on instagram, check out the hashtag. There’s tons of activity. Our specific group is #instabeehive3. (And of course, you can find me on instagram at @tgallop.)

It’s all based on the book Modern Bee by Lindsay Conner.

Modern Bee @ www.willcookforshoes.caThere are twelve of us in each work bee. We change who’s turn it is to select a quilt pattern (from the book) each month and that person gets to decide on the pattern and colours of the blocks they would like and we all work on it for them. And we do this for a full year!

The premise being that individually working on one quilt block a month isn’t that daunting so we all pitch in and help each other out.

My turn isn’t till later this year but I’m already trying to decide on the pattern and colours I want to choose.

Have you ever participated in a quilting or sewing work bee? I think it’s so neat to connect with other quilters this way.

I’ve been really interested in joining a local quilting guild too! Just not sure what’s in my region. Are you part of your local quilting guild?


10 thoughts on “March Modern Bee

  1. LoretteC

    Love your colors in the block! Interesting concept!! I’ve never participated in a bee. Perhaps I should gather a few other willing participants and start one! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Susan Being Snippy

    Love your block! And yes, a guild, or a small group of modern quilters is a great idea You learn things and pick up tips and tricks that you never see in books, plus you gather a whole new circle of friends! — u do have a quilt guild in Winnipeg — I was a member for a short time many years back…

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