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When it comes to my Mom’s birthday, it’s always been an annual challenge of figuring out what to get her. She declares early on that she doesn’t need anything so there are no hints or suggestions. She doesn’t really collect much of anything anymore. And her wants are simple.

This year, I decided that I would make her a lap quilt for the living room. I know she’s kinda like me in that if she’s sitting in front of the tv, it’s cozier to do so with a blanket (I’ve always been that way – even growing up).

I chose a simple pattern for quilting and some fabrics I knew would match her living room well. I wanted reds and buttery yellows, and accents of blue and green to make the quilt feel warm.

Lap Quilt @ willcookforshoes.caI cut everything into simple 5 inch squares.

Being the a-type-must-have-order kinda person that I am, I arranged the fabrics in a repeating pattern. I used my dining room table for the project and the finished quilt is around 40 x 65. It’s long enough to cover to one’s feet but when folded it is not so bulky that it takes up a lot of room.

To quilt it I used simple straight lines on either side of the seams.

Lap Quilt @ willcookforshoes.caAnd for the first time, I used my walking foot for this.

Lap Quilt @

Question for all you quilters: When you use a walking foot on your machine, do you quilt faster or slower than when you use your “regular” sewing foot?

I was quilting this using the Brother NX-450Q machine that I’ve mentioned previously. I love how smooth the feed is on it. I set up my walking foot according to the instructions and noticed that it said I should be using slow to medium stitching speed on my machine.

I also asked this question on instagram and Facebook. It turns out the answer is a mix of anywhere in between “I give ‘er” to “slower that what I would normally use”. I found my comfort level was around medium. And I used the start/stop feature right on the machine rather than the foot petal for this quilting project because I was sewing long rows (that was great!!).

Lap Quilt @ willcookforshoes.caThis quilt came together relatively quickly. I started it on a Saturday and was finished the following Saturday (sewing in the evenings as I had time).

Lap Quilt @ willcookforshoes.caOne of my favourite features is this custom little part for my Mom (which I did with the free-motion quilting foot on the Brother NX-450Q). Apparently she told everyone else in the house that because her quilt is labeled, no one else can use it but her. LOL!

Lap Quilt @ willcookforshoes.caI went over yesterday to hand deliver her gift. I think she liked it. Happy birthday Mom!

Lap Quilt @

8 thoughts on “Mom’s Birthday

  1. Kate

    When quilting in straight lines, I’m a kind of pedal to the metal quilter. I love that quilt, and I don’t think your Mom should share it. I keep my lap quilt just for me (and an occasional cat).

    1. admin Post author

      Really great point, Jo! I love a straight line too… but then I get impatient and put the petal to the metal. I love even stitching as well. So much to consider! 🙂

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