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I admit it. I’m officially obsessed with knitting socks and sock yarn. In fact, I stayed up way too late last night browsing through the “will trade or sell” stash pages of many a different brands of yarn on Raverly last night. Maybe you even got one of my inquires! Haha!

The second sock for my very first pair of socks I’ve EVAH knitted is just about done. I’m kinda giddy about that. And, I’ve already selected the pattern for my NEXT of socks. I’m going to give these a try. And found some new yarn.

This is another yarn from Indigodragonfly. I can’t wait to see how this knits up. I purchased this at my local yarn store – Wolseley Wool. That store is an enabler. They really have a sweet selection of yarns.



And this came in the mail yesterday. Also from Indigodragonfly. Unfortunately, when I originally bought this, the yarn store only had one skien and I needed two for the shawl I’m making. Kim and Ron, the owners at Indigodragonfly, had some left and very quickly shipped this out to me!


What are you currently “focused” on for knitting (or sewing or baking) right now?

And if you are a sock knitter, tell me all about your favourite yarns so I can obsess about those too!


PS – I’m gonna leave you with a little shoe love today! After all, I will cook/knit/sew for shoes. I forgot I had these till I was literally running out of the house this morning (late for the bus, as usual). I love these. They have a small little heel on them and they are totally comfortable. A great little Geox shoe that I got in Stuttgart two years ago!

Geox Pink

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