Paradise (according to a 5 year old)

One again this year I was asked to do a cake for Lexi’s birthday (the daughter of friends). Lexi is a sweet girl who turned five this year and who comes up with some very creative cake ideas! This year’s theme was no exception! 

I was informed that Lexi was having a “paradise” themed birthday party and the cake should have flowers, palm trees and parrots. Flowers are nothing new to me but the palm trees and parrots took some planning.

The parrots were made with fondant and took over an hour to sculpt/mold/craft. But I’mthinking they turned out pretty cute!! 🙂


And the palm trees were a creative inspiration from some previous flower work I’ve done. I wired the leaves to give them some strengthen and even put a bit of a dowel in the base of the palm tree trunk to help it set up and also have structure. 

Here’s Lexi’s 5th birthday paradise cake! Let me know what you think of the final result!



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