Quilty Pillows

Scrappy Quilt Pillow Tutorial

My living room is quickly filling up with quilty pillows. It’s such a fun way to add colour and a personal touch to the space. 

For my most recent pillow additions, I was playing with a beautiful selection of fabrics, which I received from Minerva crafts. These are from the What a Gem collection by Alison Cole for Camelot.

What a Gem fabric collectionThese colours were so much fun to play with!

I decided to work on a scrappy, string, quilt-as-you-go compilation. I’ve used this method before for pillows. This is a fun way to pull together the different colours and patterns from this line. And I love the way everything came together for the final product. I used four 11-inch squares of batting to start. Then I cut up some of the fabrics into different widths and lengths.

Quilty Pillow Tutorial

For each of the four 11-inch squares of batting, I starting in the middle and pressed one of the strips of fabric, right side up. Then I selected another strip of fabric, lined it up – right sides together on one side – and used a 1/4-inch seam to sew together. I pressed open the fabrics, and then repeated the steps till I got to each end of the square. Then I trimmed off the excess fabric.Scrappy Quilt Pillow Tutorial

When I completed all four squares, I arranged them so they formed a diamond pattern and sewed them together using a 1/4-inch seam.

At this point you can quilt the top of the pillow as desired.

I had some fun and used a number of different free motion quilting patterns to bring out the texture and design. 

Scrappy Pillow TutorialI’m really trying to work on my free motion quilting skills. I ordered a new foot for my sewing machine and it has made ALL. THE. DIFFERENCE. I’m so excited to work on this more!

For the back, I used a simple overlapping technique so that you could easily slip a pillow form into the cover once it was done. The back of the pillow was also quilted in a coordinating design.

Scrappy Pillow TutorialThis was a fun project and I love the new pop of colour it has added to my living room!

Scrappy Pillow Tutorial

What sewing projects do you love to do to add new colour and texture?

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2 thoughts on “Quilty Pillows

  1. Sandra

    Cushion covers most definitely. I always say, after I put my Christmas cushions away, “Gotta make some more of these, in spring or summer or fall or ANYTHING colours” instead of putting the cushions away in the Rubbermaid tub for next year. Repeat. Ugh! I adore this fabric, love that you quilted the back of the cover (I’ve never done that!) Love your blog title; my youngest daughter would too. 😉 At your daughter’s age, she would tromp around the porch in each of my piano student’s shoes, seeing what kind of clicky-clacky sounds she could make! Still loves shoes, at age 26. 🙂 Happy to have found you!

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