Rolled Fondant – It really is that easy!



I love fondant. Especially since I discovered how easy it is to make it yourself. Not only does it make for fun presentation, but the homemade variety is particularly tasty!


Fondant is super easy to work with. A little practice and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities.

First, take a basic cake and give it a good crumb coat. I tend to use a buttercream as it works well with the fondant. It provides a good base, something for the fondant to stick to and keeps the cake moist.




I like to work on a Wilton’s mat when rolling out fondant. Here I’ve coloured basic white fondant a bright pink. Take a generous amount of fondant and place in the centre of the mat. Liberally coat your mat with cornstarch to prevent sticking. 




Work the fondant just like you would a pie dough. Gentle and easy on the rolling pin. Picking up and turning to ensuring it’s not sticking, adding more cornstarch as needed. When rolling out the fondant to cover a cake, you want to roll it out quite thin (generally I go to 1/8 inch).




When you are ready to transfer your fondant to the cake, roll it gently over the rolling pin to aid in the transfer.




Place over the cake.




Gently work the fondant down the cake till it’s smooth and slightly adhered to the cake.




See, it really is that easy!

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