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LOVE mini quilt

If you are on instagram, you will likely have seen the hashtag #schnitzelandboominiquilt and/or #makeaquiltmakeafriend. This has to do with the mini quilt swap organized by Kristi who blogs over at Schnitzel & Boo.

I {heart} this mini quilt swap sooo much! I was telling Kristi last week that I actually consciously decide not to do other swaps so that I can give this mini quilt swap the attention it deserves. 

This was the third time this swap has taken place. And the third time I’ve participated. It really is so much fun getting to creep on your secret swap partner and find out cool things they like and what hobbies they enjoy via instagram, and then putting together a mini quilt and a few extras just for them.

I have been the recipient of some WONDERFUL mini quilts through this swap. This time around I received this gorgeous package all the way from Yorkshire, England!!

Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

My partner for this swap was in the United States, so I already knew she’d be getting some Canadian chocolates in her delivery. I also knew she loves Riley Blake fabrics. And coffee (a girl after my own heart!). I stalked her a bit on her instagram profile and also discovered she loves dogs (has a pug) and also knits. We have a lot of similarities! 

It took a long time to figure out how to approach her mini quilt but I decided to do something original. I had seen a Pinterest poster for something like this and built my own mini quilt around it. I thought it was cheery, was a nod to her love for coffee, and used all of her favourite fabrics.

LOVE Mini QuiltI knew quilting this would be the big challenge. I put the mini quilt aside for a bit and just kinda let the ideas swirl around. I knew I wanted to do feathers but I wasn’t sure how to make it all flow so it would be even and balanced. On the way to work one morning the idea to break the mini up into quadrants sprung to mind. I mapped it out on paper (which was great because it allowed me to practicing my feather movement) and set to work…

Free Motion Quilting PracticeI was so scared to get started because I always think that I’ll ruin the perfect quilt with my free motion quilting skills (or lack there of!). I always ask people who know how to do this, how can I get better? To which they always respond with “just practice”! Which drives me nuts… but they are so right! The more I practiced, the more comfortable I got with the movement.

Everything was quilted using my favourite Aurifil thread. I’m so partial to 50 weight/2024 white. I use it for EVERYTHING and tend to go through the big spools quite a bit! I love that when I use Aurifil I don’t have to worry about my thread – it didn’t snarl, snag or break even once during this whole quilting process. 

LOVE Mini Quilt

In the end, I was so pleased with the finished mini quilt. And I was really excited to get it sent off to my secret swap partner so I could hear back on her reaction from receiving it!

LOVE Mini QuiltThis was the final package. I included some chocolates that are available in Canada but not the US. A Starbucks card (mmmmm… coffee)… some Aurifil (because I love to spread Aurifil love!) and a quilt magazine fresh off the shelves. 

I received a message from my swap partner as soon as the parcel was received and she was sooo excited about the quilt and little treats!! She even told me that my mini quilt made it onto the wall in her dining room – and that made me smile. 

Is it time for Round 4 of the Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap yet??? 

Do you participate in any swaps? Have you kept in touch with anyone that you have swapped with? What is your favourite swap?

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