So you think you want to buy a sewing machine??

Fellow sewers… I have a question for you.

Actually, I have several questions for you.

  1. When and how did you acquire your first sewing machine?
  2. Do you still have it?
  3. If you’ve done an ‘upgrade’ since then, what influenced your decision for your current sewing machine?

You see, here’s the thing…

I’m on a journey. A journey to buy a new sewing machine.

I’ve even been doing a little research.


(Read: My brain has gone a little numb.)

It is time for me to invest in a new machine. As I’ve mentioned before, my current machine and I are experiencing some tension.

Tension issues, that is… it’s been frustrating and no amount of counselling will pull us though. It is time. I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me.. (okay, it’s also a bit of you but I’ll take the flack for this one).

I know there are some questions I need to ask myself.

  1. What type of sewing will I be using it mostly for?
  2. What other types of sewing might I consider doing in the future? (I don’t want to out-grow any new relationship I enter in to.)
  3. What features are important to me? Do I need a one-step button holer (ummm, yup!), what about an automatic threader? cutter? Yes and yes! Haha – I want it all!! How many features will I *really* use? What features do I need that I don’t even know about yet?
  4. Is portability a requirement?
  5. And… I mean we need to discuss it at some point… the money question. How much am I wanting to invest?

Over the next little while I’m going to be spending considerable time on this. It’s part of who I am (hello A-type personality). I want to head into the stores. Ask the questions. Do comparisons. Can I make a spreadsheet? Please???

Have you been here? Have you done this? Do you need to??

If you’ve done this or want to/need to, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know your questions! I’ll even do the ground-work for you.

Let the games begin!!

6 thoughts on “So you think you want to buy a sewing machine??

  1. sage_brush

    I received my first sewing machine as my high school graduation present in 1976. (my parents were very “old school”) Since then I have had two more sewing machines, and am planning on taking the plunge again, in the upcoming year. I have my eye on the premium Viking. I had a Pfaff Creative for decades, but have found it increasingly difficult to have it serviced where I live. My most recent addition has been a completely wonderful, top of the line – Viking serger. Very easy to have serviced, because there are Joann’s stores everywhere. If I’ve been sewing a lot – the cutting blade gets dull – and I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to run into Joann’s and grab a blade while I’m doing my normal weekly errands. Take that into consideration when you organize your spread sheet!

    1. trinagallop

      Very good points about ensuring that you can get your machine properly serviced! I’ll have to add that to my spreadsheet for sure! 🙂 So many options out there. What brand was your first machine – the gift from your parents?

      1. sage_brush

        They got me a nice Kenmore that worked like a champ for many years, (back then everything was solid steel) and then my DH got me the Pfaff for an anniversary present. I purchased a school edition Necci to have as a back-up when the Pfaff went in for tune ups.

        I am aiming for the Diamond Husqvarna now. Although the Eden Rose appeals to my decorating sense. They also have a nice trade-in offer going now with the Eden Rose. $400 towards the purchase with any trade in! Better watch my piggy bank! 🙂

  2. bymsfaith

    I just bout a Husqvarna Viking at Jo-annes.
    I sew through very heavy, thick fabric and I needed heavy duty more than
    fancy stitches. I am in love and have up graded the style of my Haute’ Handbags greatly:)
    You have just given me my idea of what I am blogging on this weekend.
    Like you I seriously sat down and figured out exactly what sewing machine I needed and why. I made the perfect choice. Hope it helps:)

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