Some kind of wonderful



I think I’ve died and gone to cinnamon bun heaven.

Oh my word.

These beauties come from Pioneer Woman. And even more specifically, they come from her cookbook – The Pioneer Woman Cooks. If you don’t have this book as part of your library yet, buy it.

Buy it now!

You won’t regret it.

You’ll only regret it if you lose the book, like I did. Or more specifically, I “misplaced it” (in my own house) for the last six months. The story behind the missing book is comical… and quite typically Trina… so I’ll spare you the details, but I’m happy to say that three weeks ago this wonderful book and I were happily reunited. During the black period where the cookbook was missing, I actually considering replacing it with a new copy. Yes, the book is THAT good. 

But back to these cinnamon buns. Easy to make. Quick to make. And oh-so-tasty-and-tender. The icing is some kind of special as well – a coffee, maple-y, sugary goodness. 

I hope to try to see if these can be gluten-free adapted in the very near future!

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