Summer produce and diary-free/egg-free chocolate zucchini brownies

Don’t you just love this time of year? I have a small garden in my back yard but gathering up the goods is delightful. I tried something new this year – zucchini! I found a potted zucchini and thought that containerizing it might help prevent it from taking over the rest of the garden. That thought was moderately successful.

I did manage to yield a few nice size zuccs from my efforts…



My goal was to have roasted young zucchini from the garden but clearly I never picked these earlier enough. So… I decided they would be destine for some baking. A friend shared with me this recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

While I was making them I realized – HEY – these babies are dairy free. AND they are egg free. A hard combination to find when you’re looking for brownie recipes. 

They are currently in the oven and looking good! Can’t wait to frost them (not dairy free but could be made dairy free if you used shortening instead of butter 1:1). 




What are your favorite baking recipes that use up garden produce?

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