Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather
The weather here has definitely turned fall-ish.

Fall is most certainly my favourite time of year. Scarfs and fashion boots. Layering. A coolness in the air. And the perfect weather for walking the boys.

It’s also the perfect time to pull out the kitting projects again. And these adorable sweaters have been on the to-do list for a while now.

These are for my two sweet nieces. Maybe it’s too matchy-matchy. But I think it’s so darn cute! 

Minerva Yarn

The yarn for this project is King Cole Merino Blend from Minerva Crafts. It’s a really easy 4-ply yarn to work with and it is super soft and squishy. It’s the perfect yarn for sweaters that will be worn by littles. It’s also a superwash yarn so finished projects can be easily washed without worrying about shrinking or damaging.

The pattern for these sweaters is called Raindrops – with instructions for all sizes, including adult. It’s a fairly straightforward pattern knit top-down and in the round. The sleeves are held on spare yarn till the end when you come back and finish them off. 

I love all the little details in this sweater pattern.

Sweater CollageI can’t wait to see the girls in their warm fall sweaters. I can see this paired with little white t-shirts underneath and dark jeans. It’ll also be cute over skirts and even a tunic dress.

Raindrops Sweaters


What is your favourite season?

Have you pulled out the sweaters yet this fall?

What do you think? Is it too cutsie for sisters to wear matching outfits? I mean, while they are still little?

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