The Basic LBD

The Basic LBDWhen it comes to my wardrobe, I’m definitely all about basic pieces, and clean and simple lines. I generally choose fabrics with minimal patterns, and like to layer with sweaters and scarves. The most interesting part of my wardrobe is typically my shoes. 

I’ve been wanting to work with jersey knit for a while and this stretch jersey fabric from Minerva was the perfect reason to sew myself a new dress. 


I can’t remember whether I found the fabric first or the pattern, but they fit together perfectly.

I’ve never made anything with a Cynthia Rowley pattern before, but this was really straightforward. 

simplicity-ladies-easy-sewing-pattern-2054-knit-jersey-dresses-Wanting a simple piece, I chose to make pattern B, with a small modification to make the dress sleeveless. I find sleeveless always works better for me because I like to layer with a sweater.

Sewing with knits requires some special considerations. I dug out the instruction book for my sewing machine to make sure I was using the right sewing machine feet and needles. 

For the basic construction of the dress, I used this interesting foot. 

Knit FootThe resulting stitch resembled something like what I would imagine you would get from a serger but with some stretch. 

Knit StitchFor the neck line and the arms, I created a one inch binding that is sewn right-sides together to the raw edge of dress.

Knit Dress Neck LineAnd for the bottom hem, I knew I wanted to use a twin-needle. This would create a stretchy edge and also a nice finish. 

Did you know that if you don’t have two spools of the same thread for a twin-needle, you can improvise by winding some of your thread onto a bobbin?

Twin Needle Set-upThis was a quick sewing project. Cutting out the fabric took probably almost as long as the rest of the construction of the dress (I found knit a little more difficult to cut than the cotton quilt fabrics I mostly work with).

I loved how this dress turned out and I can see myself using this pattern again and making a few more knit dresses for my wardrobe.

Two questions for you today: 1) Have you sewn with knit fabric before? 2) How would you describe your wardrobe style?

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  1. Brenda

    I’ve never seen a foot like that before. I have a serger, so I would use that instead. My advice for cutting knits is using a rotary cutter as much as you can for cleaner cuts. and yes, I’ve used that bobbin trick for double needles. I’m just about to make myself some workout shirts, so I’m getting out my serger for that.

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