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Girls Christmas Dress

Just before Christmas, I worked on some Christmas dresses for my two favourite sweeties. 

I tried out a new pattern. Although it looks very similar to my favourite dress pattern – the Geranium Girl Dress, I think it’s a fuller dress, and includes the band at the bottom and the sash. 

I purchased satin fabric at our local Marshalls/Northwest Fabrics store. They specialize in fabrics for fancy occasions. I realize satin fabric might be a bit much for little girls’ dresses, but when I saw this colour, I had to have it (and I almost bought duponni silk fabric, so – there’s that). 

The fullness of the dress made for great twirl-ability. I think that’s always a good sign for a fancy dress.

Of course, it’s sewn with my favourite Aurifil thread. I’m always amazed that I always seem to have exactly the coordinating thread colour I need on hand. I think that might say something about how extensive my thread stash is. 

When we went to visit on Christmas Eve, Nina was showing off the twirl factor for all who asked (you can see a little video here: IMG_7732 – sorry, for some reason my WordPress won’t let me embed this as a video file right into my post).

But I think this picture of her that her Mom took kinda says it all.
002 christmas dressesTess was a little more focused on making sure no one took her lollipop than twirling or even smiling for camera, but really – can you blame her?
Flower Girl Dresses

Did you do any special sewing over the holidays?

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